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Nevermind this deck, the combo doesn’t work



Below is the description I wrote for this deck before learning that Lost Legacy doesn’t work the way I thought it did. The combo doesn’t work, so this deck is dead.

I was inspired to build this deck after reading the article "Against the Odds: Rat Colony (Standard)" and I noticed the interaction between Lost Legacy and Rat Colony. In the before mentioned deck, Lost Legacy is a strong card that absolutely obliterates that deck’s chances of winning, yet this deck uses Lost Legacy as an important combo piece to close games as early as turn 5. While I was originally inspired by Colony Rats, I found a cheaper card in Shadowborn Apostle.

Main Deck Cards:

Lost Legacy- The first part of the combo, it exiles all copies of Rat Colony and draws the amount of cards exiled.

Shadowborn Apostle- Our main target for Lost Legacy, it’s ability that lets us have as many copies of it in our deck as we want is what makes it especially valuable.

Dimir Machinations- While we might occasionally cast it, it’s main purpose it to search up Lost Legacy or Chasm Skulker.

Chasm Skulker- The only other creature we have besides Shadowborn Apostle, Chasm Skulker gives us a 21/21 creature once we use Lost Legacy, and then 20 1/1s when it dies.

Spellbook- We cast this as soon as possible to make sure we don’t just discard the 20 cards we just drew.

Venser's Journal- basically just Spellbook but for more mana and it gains us at least 20 life a turn after we combo.

Psychosis Crawler- If we don’t hit our combo pieces before playing Lost Legacy that’s ok! We can draw into Psychosis Crawler and still have a 20/20 on turn 5.

Reliquary Tower- Spellbook in land form.

All our other lands have the simple explanation that they are needed to get us to theee lands on run three as often as possible.

Card Choices

Shadowborn Apostle over Ravenous Rats or Rat Colony- Since my main plan is not to play Shadowborn Apostle at all, I figured that the cheapest spell would work better in case I needed a few small blockers to chump block before I could combo off.


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