Mono-Red Combo Deck. Need I say more?

This is a deck that was initially copied from AJ Kerrigan on SCG.

This is my iteration.

The Idea:

On about turn 4-6, you "go off". (I generally wait until I know I'll die the next turn).

You have fed your hand and grave by using Faithless Looting, Wild Guess, and Reforge the Soul, and hopefully have a couple Battle Hymns, a Burn at the Stake and a Past in Flames in hand.

If you're in a pinch, you can most times dig to one of those things to save your life.

You generate tokens with Kuldotha Rebirth , (Saccing Ichor Wellspring is best) and Krenko's Command, and generate insane amounts of mana with Battle Hymn and Infernal Plunge. (I love using Increasing Vengeance from the GY for only 2 mana on a Battle Hymn, often giving myself 15-27 mana.

Then with all those creatures on board, you Burn at the Stake for lethal.

If you can't find it, and have enough mana Devil's Play will also get the job done.

The sideboard can be swapped in for a fully changed play experience, as most people will sideboard a card or two that will completely shut down the combo capacity of the deck. And they'll not expect the aggro change.

Sideboard Option!

-2 Burn at the Stake

-1 Devil's Play

-4 Reforge the Soul

-3 Past in Flames

-1 Noxious Revival

-2 Faithless Looting

-2 Increasing Vengeance


+2 Brimstone Volley

+4 Goblin Chieftain

+3 Goblin Grenade

+2 Hellrider

+2 Krenko, Mob Boss

+1 Mountain

+1 Kuldotha Rebirth


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