Mono black turn 2 infinite mill combo


Swamp play Heartless Summoning then play Myr Retriever which dies when it hits the battlefield thanks to Heartless Summoning but triggers Altar of the Brood. Play another Myr Retriever which dies.... triggering the altar again returning the first myr. Rinse and Repeat all the way to victory!

Grinding Station is a second win con and can be used in place of Altar of the Brood

Sign in Blood and Spoils of the Vault are to dig up my win cons.

and Ravenous Trap is my graveyard hate and Duress hits their hands.

Yes! Im only running 18 lands... I only need 2 to make the combo go off so I am purposefully keeping my land count really low.

I need help with my sideboard/I need a sideboard... The deck hits pretty consistently at turn 3 but an almost guarantee at turn 4. Thinking of adding Workshop Assistant in place of Wight of Precinct Six as a kind of alternate Myr Retriever. Maybe Shrouded Lore for some recursion?

Thanks for looking!


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