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~$26 Fluctuations and Miscalculations

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Many players have been searching for ways to enter the legacy format, and with a budget of $26, this deck is a perfect way to begin your exploration and exploitation of the legacy format.

It's by no means a "perfect" deck, but it is a combo deck that is very cheap to build at around $26 and is capable of winning t3. It's a lot like playing russian roulette, because your success depends on whether you can mulligan into or draw a Fluctuator plus two lands. If you play in a casual environment that allows friendly mulligans and such, this can be an amusing deck to bring.The idea behind the deck is very simple. You need a hand with two lands, a fluctuator, and between two and four other cards. Once you have Fluctuator on the field, simply cycle through your library until you have the Lotus Petal, Songs of the Damned, and Twilight's Call in your hand. Drop the lotus petal, crack it for a black mana, play songs of the damned, and then cast twilight's call to bring back all those creatures you cycled.

At it's best, it's capable of reanimating it's entire library during it's opponent's second turn. At it's worst, you mulligan down to about 5 or so, begin the game without a fluctuator in hand, and fail to draw one. Also, the deck folds to almost any kind of disruption. But for a $26 deck, it's worth pulling out once or twice around an unsuspecting kitchen table. Win or lose, you're likely to get some laughs once everyone realizes what you're doing.

If you enjoyed this deck, feel free to check out my other budget on my profile @ Sargeras


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I think this is due to the hype of Amonkhet releasing cycle cards, or some new archetype, has caused this deck's price to spike about $40.


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