In my opinion two of the most powerful cards in Avacyn Restored are getting only a little attention.

Silverblade Paladin and Tandem Lookout. These in connection with each other is absolutely brutal! Then I started thinking what else goes well with these two guys. Obviously an unblockable guy who gets through each time capable of either drawing a card or having double strike. Enter Invisible Stalker. So what goes well with the stalker. Well that's easy: Puresteel Paladin. Then it hit me these 4 creatures along with perennial favorite Geist of Saint Traft in an equipment deck makes for a powerful combination. I think Silverblade Paladin and Tandem Lookout are what Puresteel Paladin has been looking for to become broken.

Equipment choices:

Moonsilver Spear - constantly makes angel tokens (a little expensive to play out though so this is one of my least favorite choices)

Silver-Inlaid Dagger - 1 CMC costs only 2 to equip and on every creature except geist it gives +3/+0. Pretty powerful especially when you have a 1/1 double strike hexproof unblockable on the field with another 2/2 doublestriker

Sword of War and Peace - This guy is nuts with double strike and simply nuts on an invisible stalker as is. This hits the ground its game over.

Sword of Feast and Famine - Not quite as aggro as the SoWaP but still nuts. Keeps up card advantage and helps get more equipment on the field by untapping my lands. The pro-green and black is nice too.

Swiftfoot Boots - protects the paladins from kill spells and gives haste to an invisible stalker with a ton of equipment on the field and puresteel just chilling out.


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