Madness in my two favorite colors.

Madness Outlets:

Alms of the Vein: Cheap and easy, good against aggro decks.

Just the Wind: Cheap and slows down the opponent a lot.

Murderous Compulsion: The premium madness removal spell. I love it.

Gisa's Bidding: Two 2/2 Zombies for 3. Sounds good to me!

Chilling Grasp: This ones more expensive for Madness, but the effect is worth it. Pinning down two creatures can be devastating.

From Under the Floorboards: Three 2/2 bodies for 5 mana is already good, but the added late-game potential of even more zombies makes this card amazing.

Voldaren Pariah  : This card is amazing on turn 5, but casting it on turn 3 or 4 with madness is insane. The zombies from From Under the Floorboards combos well with it's abilities also.

Madness Enablers and Win Conditions:

Cryptbreaker: The perfect 1-drop. A madness enabler that had an added card draw ability.

Thing in the Ice  : Dropping this on turn 2 and then unloading a few instants or sorceries with madness is the main win condition for this deck. It will bounce away all of those enemy creatures (humans), but Wharf Infiltrator, Forgotten Creation, and Geralf's Masterpiece will all stick around.

Wharf Infiltrator: This card has it all; evasion, card draw, madness enabling, and it even has the ability to spawn 3/2 horrors when madnessing creatures such as Voldaren Pariah  . Beautiful.

Forgotten Creation: This horror has a solid 3/3 body with some evasion, but the ability to discard into madness for free every turn and then replace all of the cards afterwards is unstoppable.

Geralf's Masterpiece: This isn't a reliable madness enabler, but a huge flyer is important for the deck and madness makes it very easy to manipulate the Power and Toughness making it a real threat.

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