The idea of the deck is to amass your army of goblins then use Goblin War Strike to end them lol. But... To speed things up, I put Goblin Grenade and Vexing Devil .

These three cards were the first pillars of the build.

Goblin Matron to help me pull any Goblin I need lol.

I put in Goblin Guide with Black Vise it looks like descent combo.

(Update 09/02/19, it’s really effective if you get them out early.)

So the only downside to Goblin Guide is if the reveal a land they keep it. With Black Vise it makes them pay for getting a land.

Curiosity to help when you burn your whole hand. Attach it to Goblin Fireslinger or Lightning Crafter so you can deal that direct damage.

Sigil of Sleep to help keep the field clear for attacks. Sigil should help keep your opponent’s hand big, which should help make Black Vise more useful. This also is best used with Goblin Fireslinger or Lightning Crafter.

Goblin Lackey to speed up Goblin summoning, so that Goblin War Strike can be more effective. Sigil should help clear the field so lackey can attack as well.


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The tournament isn’t until 11/9/19. I think the side deck is complete, hopefully I can get some games in before the tourney so I can see.


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