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Flingless Affinity




This is an Affinity list for Dan's Pauper Gaunlet. The philosophy of this deck is a bit different of the usual affinity lists because it doesn't facilitate the atog-fling combo. Instead I tryed to make it more consistent, a bit faster. Furthermore, because I was always annoyed that small creatures are often outclassed quickly I put ways in this list to make them more relevant. I Adress these points as follows:

More consistent:

There are more onedrops in the list than usually which is a support for the low landcount to bring out the affinity creatures more reliably. Furthermore, there are lots of draw spells to gain fresh resources for the game.


I use flayer husks and springleaf drumms to bring my hand faster to the table.

Every creature counts:

A flayerhusk with a rancor is a threat. So is a frogmite with an equiped flayer husk and so on... The deck allows the player to modify the creatures according to the board and threat situation.



You'll need them :)

Flayer husk

Flayer husk is a very interesting card! It fixes colors with the springleaf drum, saccrifices for a edict effect or perilous research, blocks an attacker and still improves a creatre on the board. Very versatile card!

Galvanic Blast

4 damage for 1 mana? To any tatget? Sign me up! The spell can work as efficient removal or lower the life points drastically.


Draw two cards for one mana? One of the best cards for affinity! Affinity for 4 is very easy to achieve very fast. Card draw is very important for this deck because we want to play many 4/4 creatures.

Chromatic star

Works very well with atog and perilous research. But the main reason for this card is color fix.


Way worse than the star and maybe wors that the chromatic sphere. But this card works better with atog and perilous research. I just had the feeling like I need one more mana rock. This card also helps to work towards affinity in the early turns.

Perilous research

Draws two cards for two mana. That saccrifice clause is not that bad in response to a removal, or targeting a star or a land in the late game. It can also be used on rancor so it comes back to hand.

Myr enforcer

4/4 for little mana. The work horse of this deck. Can also trade wit an angler when equiped with a flayer husk or kill guardians of the guildpact.

Carapace forger

Together with the myr enforcer the most important creature of the deck. The forger can very ofter attack for 4 on turn 3. But be careful on early turns if you have only 3 artifacts. The forger can shrink very quickly if an artifact gets removed in combat.


Atog is a very flexible creature that can dish out a lot of damage. Despite it's potential, atog is not even played as a 4-of because it's role is different then in affinity decks with the fling combo. In this deck the atog is only afurther attacker that can put pressure on the opponent early on but it doesn't win the game out of nowhere.

Auriok sunchacer

3/3 flyers for two are very good. I would not advice to play him as a 1/1 if the opponent showed removal before. But if it gets equiped with a flayer husk or enchanted with rancor the sunchacer can even destroy spire golems.


I Never liked this card for it's stats. But for Affinity this card is necessary for explosive hands. Together with rancor or a husk the frogmite also becomes a serious threat.


A very unusual choice but very important for the deck concept. I like it because it can make every creature a serious threat. I Works especially good on an atog or with perilous research. I took it over bone splitter for its ability to give trample. But be careful when you want to enchant a creature if you opponent can interact with it!



In: 3x pyroblast 2x sanctum gargoyle

Out: 2x rancor 3x perilous research


In: 2x sanctum gargoyles

Out: 2x rancor


No changes

Eye Candy

In: 3x hydroblast 3x pyroblast

Out: 2x rancor 1x flayer husk 1x atog 2x perilous research

Make sure you have ways to generate the right colors with your hand!


In: 3x pyroblast 1x electrickeryOut: 1x rancor 3x perilous research


In: 1x electrickery

Out: 1x perilous research


In: 3x hydroblast

Out: 2x rancor 1x perilous research


In: 3x hydroblast

Out: 3x perilous research

White weenieIt depends heavily on whether they play more equipment or more enchantments like oblivion rings and journeys to nowhere.


In: 3x ancient grudge 1x electrickery

Out: 3x perilous research 1x flayer husk


In: 3x ray of relevation 1x electrickery

Out: 3x perilous research 1x flayer husk


In: 3x ray of relevation 1x electrickery Out: 2x perilous research 2 rancor


In: 3x ancient grudgeOut: 3x perilous research

Destroy the prisms

Thalid Bowl ;)

In: 1x electrickery, 2x Sanctum Gargoyle

Out: 2x perilous research 1x 1x frogmite


In: 3x ancient grudge Out: 3x perilous research

Good Luck!


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