A mono-white exalted deck.

A rather aggro deck, the main way to play this is to put out as many 1 and 2 drop cards as physically possible and begin swinging away.

One way to play this is to put down Champion of the Parish on turn 1, and then maximize efficiency with more humans being put down on the field.

Another way to play is put down creatures with Exalted. Once you get about 4 Knights of Glory out, you can swing for six. Sublime Archangel would double their exalted, letting you swing for 10, with 8 exalted counters.

This deck still needs need much improvement, going winning 2 out of 5 matches in FNM this past Friday. Sideboard definitely needs some more work, but I'm not entirely sure what to add to it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know what else I could add to make this deck more competitive!

Thank you!


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