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I like to consider this deck a combo deck. It needs the first 3 turns to set up it's winning condition, and past turn 4 is just trying to land a burn at the stakes or epic experiment to get the oponnents life as low as possible, and finishing up with burn or goblin aggro. Guttersnipe is a win condition by himself, let alone Krenko who in two turns just populates the board with goblins. One Goblin Electromancer provides so much to the game speeding up the deck's tempo, optimally just 1 is enough to get it going.

On the side deck, although izzet charm does the trick, negate should help with spot removal or with Bonfire or Mizzium Mortars. With an electromancer down, it's a one-mana response to Bonfire. Four pillars in case the opponent's aggro is just overwhelming, the izzet charms/searing spear should be enough but down at my LGS I've been seeing lots of decks with over 20 creatures. These decks shine at the early turns, where this deck is most vulnerable. Cyclonic rift for tokens or for planeswalker heavy decks. Invisible stalker and rnechanter's pike for wipe-heavy or removal-heavy decks, with the stalker giving me an almost impervious body for the equipment, while the equipment just needs 1 little guy to hold it (krenko's command). Psychic spiral for stalling decks or control decks; thi deck is able to draw and bury through the deck quite quickly, so a psychic spiral could end really long games.

I named it Electromancer not because the goblin is key to the deck, but because of the huge effect it has over the deck's gamplay.


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