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Bubonic Plague (Relentless Rat Edition)

Modern Aggro Multiplayer Tribal



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This deck is pretty simple. Like all other Relentless Rats decks the point is to get them all out and on the field. Well what is better then that? Having them all on the field while wiping out all the opponents creatures. Drop a Damnation. Its not the end of the world if your rats die. Elixir of Immortality and Bloodbond March or a combination of the 2 will bring it back. As a potential game ender Doubling Chant will being them A lot out doubling your army. Door of Destinies because why not have a little extra power and toughness. If you dont draw Doubling Chant then Thrumming Stone is a really fun backup plan and can make fun stuff happen when combined with Bloodbond March. Swarmyard could help you with those annoying kill spells like Go for the Throat.

I am wanting some ideas for the side deck. I know I will be putting in some stuff to deal with Meddling Mage.


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The last few cards needed to actually complete the list as posted are coming in the mail from trades. Man those Damnations were hard to get.

Slight Ramp Jan 5 2014 Added two Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.

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