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Modern Budget Control Hatebears Tempo WU (Azorius)


A friend of mine is teaching his sister to play magic. he put up a message in our LGS facebook page asking for help building her a deck. I offered, and his stipulations were as follows.

modern or commander (i picked modern)

under $100 (bonus points if under $50)

creatures only!

better than a starter deck (not even worried about this one lol)

originally i was thinking black for for the powerful ETBs and use Grave Titan as the finisher. but it seemed kind of lackluster and without the cheap kill spells, black kinda stinks, and gets outpaced hard by just about everything.

green stompy was my next thought, but those tend to not be new player friendly, and usually involves killing by making all your small creatures bigger with Overrun style effects, rather than killing with the big oppressive thing that says "i win" because it hit the table.

then i remembered this deck: U/W control (intro series) from a series that i'd really love to expand upon, but just dont have the time anymore for it. absolutely perfect. creature base is exactly what im looking for as a starting point, and i can make changes to introduce the big baddies to end it.

The Deck

Reflector Mage , AEther Adept , and Fiend Hunter are the core of the deck.

we can use Sage of Epityr , Lone Missionary , and Wall of Omens as our setup to ensure we run more on curve and draw what we need early. as well as just making us more consistent by giving the deck some bodies to get us to the lategame.

Restoration Angel and Flickerwisp add a body while doubling down on our control strategy. they can double as more draw or lifegain with a Wall of Omens or Lone Missionary respectively.

Restoration Angel can win games, but our real game enders are Sun Titan (the synergy with the entire rest of the deck is obsurd), Deadeye Navigator (synergizes with the entire deck, and turns our oppressive boardstate into a complete lockdown), and Stormtide Leviathan (because it says deal with me or i win).

I have anxiety over how much less testing ive done for this compared to what i once had time for, but the list is pretty strightforward. I think it's very noob friendly, but maintains a pretty good edge transitioning from different stages of the game.

i'll send him the list later this week.

any advise and suggestions are very welcome. maybe you know of a card i missed =)


Updates Add

Thank you to everybody who gave me suggestions and helped give me some confidence in this build. It's been well over a year since ive done any serious deckbuilding, so i was pretty nervous about getting this up.

My final tweak added copies of Blade Splicer and Soul's Attendant, and wow what a power increase. the two complement each other perfectly, and fall into the shell extremely well.

again, thanks for everybody that helped out! i'm sure my friend is gonna love this!


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