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*Actually Consistent* Turn 4 Lethal Boros

Modern Aggro Humans RW (Boros)


Somewhat your run-of-the-mill Boros Deck Wins, but this was designed in Avacyn and tweaked since then. It has since done consistently well against other aggro decks, ramp decks or mid-range decks, and even the azorious charm-packed control decks.Ideally, this deck runs around Champion of the Parish

T1 Plains, Champion

T2 Clifftop/mountain, Gather the townsfolk, swing for 3

T3 Clifftop/plains/mountain, Silverblade Paladin, swing for 10

T4 Clifftop/plains/mountain, Hellrider, Hellrider ability for 5, swing for 17

Alternatively, with a Champion-less hand

T1 Mountain

T2 Clifftop/mountain/plains, Kruin striker

T3 Clifftop/mountain/plains, Silverblade paladin, swing for 6

T4 Clifftop/mountain/plains, Thatcher revolt, swing for 17

Silverblade Paladin and Spark Trooper are BFFs. Kruin striker being paired with paladin is OP too, as trample and doublestrike that sticks around is a game-breaker. Thatcher revolts work decently well with everything, and especially works wonders with Hellrider, or if a Kessig Malcontents is already played, and then cloudshifted (usually when it gets blocked during the combat step).

When going against instant and sorcery heavy decks, I generally switch out the thatcher revolts for Thalia. Pillar for undying. Kessig Malcontents if I'm playing a deck that can't deal damage well with swings. Nearheath Pilgrim sided in against other aggro. Uninterrupted, turn 4 or 5 this swings for lethal. It outpaces Naya Humans and RDW erryday.

Any feedback would be appreciated!


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Gatecrash overhaul. Added shock lands, added removal, took out crappy cards etc.


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