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ULTIMA - My oldest, favorite Mtg deck. Though it constantly evolved over the years, the concept always remains the same: "I WILL DRAIN YOUR PATHETIC WORLD OF ITS PRECIOUS ENERGY! MOUHAHAHAHA" ;)



Kalani says... #1

Nirkana Revenant should most definitely be in the main deck if you have a copy.

November 26, 2010 1:33 a.m.

Falcofemoralis says... #2

Sorin Markov Could be fun to abuse card:Sorin's Vengeance and to control their turn

October 4, 2011 12:20 a.m.

Askani28 says... #3

Yeah I looove Sorin. But he's too slow to boot. I'm waiting for the next Sorin planeswalker card, hoping he'll be cheaper, and have a big draining ultimate ability :)

October 4, 2011 2:44 a.m.

Falcofemoralis says... #4

Innistrad pretty much guarantees Sorin 2.0 lol

October 5, 2011 11:04 p.m.

Askani28 says... #5

Yeah, heard Sorin's family lives on the plane of Innistrad. He has to visit them in Dark Ascension :)

October 6, 2011 12:59 a.m.

theonyc says... #6

where did you get that sweet angel pic?

March 27, 2012 11:03 p.m.

Askani28 says... #7

@theonyc - It's from Genzoman's gallery on Deviantart. He's one of my favorite artists. Check his stuff out, it's mind blowing :))

March 27, 2012 11:36 p.m.

Colgate says... #8

I have made similar deck. Can you check it and give feedback?

October 27, 2013 4:34 p.m.

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-1 Griselbrand main
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