MTG Combo: Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception


eulogy on Dimir Mill

3 weeks ago

no problem Freezingsteam =)

I'm relatively new to mtg but I played mill from the beginning of my "journey"I played the same type of a deck like you want to do now, but it did not work really well. Because you only win, when you mill your opponents whole deck.

I would put Consuming Aberration four times in your deck, cuz it's an 5 mana 20/20 beast, if you already milled 20 cards. I mean, there is no better wall than that. And even without Phenax, God of Deception you could kill your opponent in one turn. but yeah, very theoretical stuff.Jace's Phantasm is another great creature for a mill deck. 5/5 after you milled your opponent by 10 or more.Guard Gomazoa is e rally great defender.

For card drawing and milling: Pilfered Plans

Take Mind Funeral instead of Mind Grind

The Problem with your deck is, that you want to mill your opponent with just a few spells, but you want to mill him or her too with landfall and drawing cards by yourself. And on the other side you want to kill him with one of the two combos:- Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank - Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception

Maybe you just need to minimize your idea of the deck, cuz you wanna do to many things and it wont work that well. I made the same mistake with one of my decks, when I went for a mill deck with ramp elements to play Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and that did not work cuz I had too many useless cards, that did not mill my opponent.

Kringo on Blue/Black Mill

11 months ago

I'm gunna throw out some suggestions and I may seem like I'm being a sort of a douche bag but i'm honestly just trying to help you out.

First you don't need 25 lands. If you put that much land in there to ramp into the mind grinds then you would be better off taking out lands and throwing in 4 Sol Ring

4 Mind grind would only BE good if you can ramp mana extremely fast. With black this is easy but mill can already be played so fast and cheap on mana that it's pointless unless your trying to exile lands directly from their library and ramp up a good mind grind for the win, and even then mind funeral is muuuuuch better. one or two mind grinds is good for a mana sink but any more than that is a waste. Personally i'm not a huge fan of mind grind at all so i use Oona, Queen of the Fae for a mana sink but that's just personal preference.

there is absolutely no reason u wouldn't use Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker the amount of mill he provides for free each turn is absolutely insane and fits the theme of ur deck beautifully.

increasing confusion is terrible. you would be better off replacing it with Breaking or if u can afford it use Glimpse the Unthinkable

fog bank makes for a good defence but if you using cards like Jace's Phantasm and Wight of Precinct Six you could whip out extremely powerful creatures so fast u really wouldn't even need fog bank.

if you're running phenax u should really use Consuming Aberration instead of nemesis of reason. it's not that nemesis isn't good, in fact it's a great card, but having Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception is pretty much a game ender at turn 6 dont matter what, if not on turn 7.

Visions of Beyond u should rally use it. it provides 3 cards for a single mana to keep ur hand healthy. it's too good to not use.

Traumatize is awesome and u should definitely use at least a copy or two but any more than that and it becomes useless unless you are using this 60 card deck to play against a commander deck for some reason.

Circu, Dimir Lobotomist trust me it's worth using... it cripples your opponent's card choice so fast. You should at least keep one in ur sideboard for combo decks along with a copy of Haunting Echoes