MTG Combo: Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception


plusmental on Mill 2 Kill

11 months ago

It hurt me deeply that you put up Phenax, God of Deception + Wall of Frost and not Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception for some reason lol, but I'm always a bit ehhh about the Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank combo, usually because if I were to put it in a deck I feel I would be stalling for that combo, maybe I should put it in a more aggro deck

Scytec on Milling the Modern Meta

1 year ago

If you splash black, Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception is an insane combo. Especially if you Traumatize them first.

NuBByThuMB on Eternal Darkness Awaits

1 year ago

It's okay! The urborg is FTV as well! I'd be glad to make a trade that added up with these two included!

The concept of Commander has been skewn since the competitive crowd got in, and as a refresher, I'd like to give you some advice:

Do fun things! Sure, we all love to win. Especially with pet decks like these that break the mold from typical "spill my library, getcha" stuff. I find that more often than not, I'm not having fun countering my opponents' big stuff. because I'm sitting there with countermagic in hand and waiting, wasting my turns to be reactionary to my opponents' build up only to have been waiting turns on end to do so. I find that the only reasons to use countermagic are to win or stop someone else from winning. A fair few hands have gone from awesome to worthless because someone had pieces that weren't necessarily threats countered on general purpose. IE Sensei's Divining Top .

Sure, there's always the point of view that the card gives great card advantage, but what has the guy playing it done to force you to counter his 'useless' spell? Especially when you can save the counter for his big game. It is to this point that I have made two points from each of my commander decks (Barring Azami). Fewer Board Wipes and fewer counterspells. I play two of each in Oona.

Focus more on being as fun possible with your deck as you can without sacrificing consistency. I play many tutors because I like to have control over what spells I'm seeing consistently. Incorporating many ways to kill each of your foes gives you options in combo pieces, keeps your opponents on their toes and keeps your games fresh.

Bloodchief Ascension + Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank

Keening Stone + Traumatize

Hinder + Tunnel Vision Spin into Myth also an option here

Helm of Obedience + Leyline of the Void

Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception

Yeah, these are all pretty cheap ways to win. But keep in mind that if you're going to mill an opponent entirely, you're going to need more than that singleton Glimpse the Unthinkable :P Mill simply doesn't see enough ways to win without comboing out. The libraries are simply too large.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Triskelion . Nuff' Said. [=

tralith on I'd Havengul That

1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestion, Generalsplat. I have played around with Traumatize instead of Jace, Memory Adept , but Jace's card-draw in addition to fairly efficient mill made me favor him. The combo between Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception is better in my opinion (though slightly harder to find) than Snapcaster Mage + Traumatize .

loki3825 on loki's mill

1 year ago

Man that's some great advice, the place i go to is very competitive so the decks I've lost to are all of em so far... I'm seriously like a month new into this stuff and I'm using cards a friend gave me to play from a duel deck last year (foil Consuming Aberration from the start from a booster pack :P hence why I'm so stuck on wanting this deck to work). I really like what you advised and I'm going to take a lot of it into consideration and thanks for the heads up on the M13 haha shows off my level of attention to detail... thanks for showing me your decks I may have to play the aggressive one i tested out the deck and i liked it!! I'm just not a fan of Ashiok, I'm not too sure why haha. Also something I pulled from a booster pack today I think i might add it in the deck was Nighthowler any advice with that?? some people told me I can use it to ramp up Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception ... anyways I'll have to start getting this put together from what I do have...