casual wurm deck for sister who is new to magic she said she wanted the mean version so here's what I came up with

looking for suggestions there is a $20-$40 budget for deck

ramp up to land destruction using Arbor Elf, withFertile Ground, and Wild Growth arbor elf untaps enchanted forest for extra value

Rampant Growth is in because its more resilient to removal

then use land destruction until you get mana for wurms

Argothian Wurm- repeated land destruction or a 6/6 for 4 mana

card:bramble crush&Reclaiming Vines destroy a land

Reap and Sow- destroys a land but can also ramp with enough mana

then play wurms

Golgari Rotwurm-in as a one of because my sister likes the card

Greater Sandwurm-7/7 that gets past small creatures can be cycled if you get one to early and need a different card

Novablast Wurm-destroys all the creatures that the opponent managed to cast ends the game if it isn't removed


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