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Strange Anti-Single Card Removal Deck



So one of my friends made a deck that is extremely annoying. A cruel control Assassin deck. So I seek to disrupt his strategy of killing the biggest minions you have by playing large sums of small minions, and then give them indestructable with Eldrazi Monument. This is basically a soldier tribal deck that focuses on stopping single target removal spells by flooding the board with small tokens. I splashed a little blue to add in some counter spells to prevent board clears or things that can't normally be dealt with. I welcome any thoughts and/or suggestions.

Arcanis the Omnipotent is for card draw if you start running low on cards.

Win conditions are basically Eldrazi Monument, Benalish Commander, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, and Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

Just get an Eldrazi Monument onto the board to buff your minions, give them flying, and make them indestructable.

A Benalish Commander can add onto the amount of soldiers you have, and/or act as an extremely high power and toughness minion you can use, especially if you also have an Eldrazi Monument on the field.

The two Elspeths are in the deck because they help generate tokens that buff Benalish Commander and get buffed by Eldrazi Monument, Captain of the Watch, and Honor of the Pure. They are also in the deck because of their finals. Knight-Errant being able to give my artifacts, enchantments, creatures, and lands indestructible. And Sun's Champion for the board clearing and +2/+2 and flying emblem.


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