Armed on Anax and Cymede or Flamespeaker Adept if Aqueous Form is on it then put some Titan's Strength on them for crazy damages.

Flamespeaker Adept has nice synergy with all the scrys.

Spark Trooper is for some sustain and harrass

Omenspeaker scrys deck for 2 and is nice blocker.

Armed favourite card in this deck right now

Titan's Strength auto include for aggro

Aqueous Form makes creature unblockable and scry

Gods Willing some protection and scry

Portent of Betrayal take control of strong creature enemy controls for a turn and scry

Lost in a Labyrinth weakens enemy and scryy

Voyage's End basically Unsummon and scryyy

Spark Jolt some cheap damage and scry can also be played on Anax and Cymede to trigger heroic.

some fast winz

t1, lands

t2, lands, Omenspeaker maybe doesnt really matter

t3, lands, Flamespeaker Adept

t4,lands, Aqueous Form onto Flamespeaker Adept then Armed and Titan's Strength

scry twice so Flamespeaker Adept gets + 4 from its passive (Aqueous Form and Titan's Strength)

+3 from Titan's Strength and +1 from Armed

so Flamespeaker Adept gets +8 making it do 10 damage double strike unblockable. 20 damage


t1, lands

t2, lands, Omenspeaker maybe doesnt really matter

t3, lands, Anax and Cymede

t4,lands, Armed and 2 Titan's Strength) onto Anax and Cymede

triggers heroic 3 times so it gets +3 and trample+1 Armed and +6 Titan's Strength so Anax and Cymede gets +10 making it do 13 double strike trample damage. 26 damage


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