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Rakdos Cult - Carnival from Hell

Standard* Aggro BR (Rakdos) Control


Rakdos Cult B/R Aggro/Control. Comments and suggestions needed.

The Carnival from Hell, so frighteningly fun, you may very literally die laughing.

Deck idea is based off Rakdos colors and what is spoiled so far for the RTR release. Deck will probably change as time wears on and more things are spoiled, also will changed based on comments and suggestions. Trying to keep the deck standard legal for post RTR rotation as well.

Deck design and function

  • Desecration Demon's ability

  • Rakdos Cult's new ability "Unleash" paired with "Undying" via Undying Evil, "Unleash" on the return instead of doing it at initial cast time.

  • Slumbering Dragon 's ability only requires 5 announced attackers from your opponent, not 5 successfull hits. Therefore, it can "wake up" with its 5 +1/+1 counters and block.

  • Non-creature spells in the deck control creature advantage on the board, and card advantage in hand. Dreadbore, Murder, and Bone Splinters handle on-board creatures. (Splinters can even be used to juice the "Unleash"/"Undying" combo). Rakdos's Return and Sign in Blood grant card advantage in hand.

Comments and suggestions needed for this deck. Hoping to make this a formidable deck in the upcoming rotation.

Since database here is missing the Rakdos Guildgate, I've replaced it with Rakdos Signet for the sake of this site.


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