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Mono black sacrifice control deck

Modern* Demons Mono-Black Sacrifice


When I just got into magic, my first deck I was proud of was a mono black sacrificee deck based around Goremand , Village Rites , Spark Harvest and Serrated Scorpion . The idea was to sac all your creatures to ensure your opponent didn't have any to clear a path for your Goremand and Demon of Loathing . Now I have access to deck builders I have improved on it a lot.

Main stratergies include using Soul Foundry on Serrated scorpion to heal yourself and wear down the opponent. Crypt of Agadeem provides a lot of mana while Dark Prophecy and Village Rites gives you a large card advantage. Gutterbones and Bloodsoaked Champion are brilliant because of their regenerate abilities and if your desperate, Spawning Pool can work as well. The heavy hitters Goremand and Demon of Death's Gate are great because Demon of Death's Gate can be summonned really early and goremand kills your opponents creatures with it's ETB. Reviving it with Gravewaker won't cost you a creature either. With 3 Spark Harvest and 4 Poison the Cup , this deck can be pretty controlling.

Feedback would be much appreciated. I am still new to magic so forgive me if I've done something stupid. I haven't playtested this deck (not sure how to) but am thinking on building it as, as I said, I've got a lot of the cards. My current deck is fun to play so hopefully this will be good as well.


I've taken out soul foundry and gravedigger + waker and replaced them with hells caretaker and some discard to get expensive carsd out of the graveyard and straight onto the feild early on. The deck is a lot less buget but better.


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