This deck uses an infinite mana combo to either smash your opponent with infinite damage, make your opponent draw out their deck in a turn, and gain infinite life in the process.

Infinite Mana Combo: Biomancer's Familiar + Gauntlets of Light + Incubation Druid

Use Kenrith's abilities for infinite life-gain, infinite card draw, or infinite +1/+1 counters. OR use your infinite mana on Finale of Devastation so that X=Whatever number you want, swing in for near-infinite damage to win the game. You can add trample by using Kenrith's first ability.

If you don't want to add Red to the mana for the deck, use Paradise Druid to get your red and give everything trample.

Finale of Devastation is also an amazing search tool for the 2 drop card you need, or to find another Kenrith, the Returned King if you must. Tamiyo, Collector of Tales is perfect for finding your combo piece, as well as countering Rakdos Aristocrats, or discard opponents.

Stay alive while you search for your combo with Root Snare .


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