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I am Legion - A Boros Visitation Control Deck

Standard* Competitive Control Enchantment RW (Boros) Tokens



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A competitive boros enchantment list.
Control the pace of the game using all sorts of interaction, Create tokens using those same interaction pieces, and swing out with a huge army of 4/4 angels.

So with the deck being boros, card advantage is the weak point of this list. I have included The Birth of Meletis , both of the Omens, and Dawn of Hope in the deck to offset this as synergistic-ally as possible.

The goal of the deck is to get Divine Visitation onto the battlefield so that almost every other card in the deck can net you a few 4/4 angels as well. You just neutralize the enemies board until you can go over the top with the angels.

The wild card of the deck is Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis. Use her token generation ability to grab some angels, or capitalize on the enemies (hopefully) empty board. If worse comes to worst, gain some life with her -5 to trigger dawn of hope and hang in the game a bit longer.

This list is a little out of the norm, so if you see any cards that don't quite fit, or any suggestions you have to improve the list, do not hesitate to drop a comment below. The deck is still in it's early iteration so there is no full sideboard. If you have any ideas as to make this a solid best of three deck shout em out!(right now the deck is geared toward beating aggro/mid-range, so any cards against control are highly sought after)




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This deck is Standard legal.

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