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He's A Land Eater - Under $20 land *exile* deck



Turn opponents land into artifacts and then blow them up, simple and easy, when you draw splinter then exile every land they have left making them rage quit.

So the story of the creation of this deck all started on Steam with Magic2014 me and a few friends modded it so it had almost all the cards instead of just the 2014 set, I made a kinda bull**** artifact deck full of Mox and things that are a bit triggering, my friend got tired of me constantly playing that deck so she made a direct counter to it full of removal of artifacts (not this deck) one of the cards was Splinter, however it was bugged like a few other cards that were added with the mod and didn't work quite right, in this case it removed target card instead of target artifact and kinda ruined decks in one go. A couple months later I came across Liquimetal Coating and it hit me...I could make this work, I could make this janky card bug a reality...Thus the deck was born.

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