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This deck is set up to to have multiple ways to pull off "infinite" combos while on a budget.

Combo options:

Mill (altar of the brood) Life (leonin elder) Creature Power (jeskai ascendancy) Creatures (golem foundry) Damage (molten nursery)

The concept is to have one of the above cards on the battlefield along jeskai ascendancy or mirran spy. A creature also has to be play as well. This could be mirran spy, Ornithopter, or leonin elder. I've been thinking of tossing in slippery bogle if the opponent a lot of removal. Now cast a 0 drop to trigger the above combo card. Then use retraction helix or banishing stroke on a creature and bounce the 0 drop back to your hand. Cast the 0 drop spell to trigger the untap step from either Jeskai Ascendancy or mirran spy. Repeat this process as many times as you would like. The biggest issue is summoning sickness won't allow your creature to tap the turn it comes out.

For 0 drops, Tormod's Crypt also helps to clear out an opponents graveyard and fountain of youth can help gain a small about of life. Ornithopter helps as well, but doesn't trigger jeskai ascendancy.

This is a first pass, but it's had success against some causal decks. All comments are welcome! Looking to beef up the side board too.


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