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8thBit's Wreck 'n Reload

Modern* Competitive WB (Orzhov)


A glass cannon deck meant to piss off your opponents by literally shooting off 0 cmc equipment spells to fling damage and draw into more said equipment spells until they die. Also works like a beefy voltron at the same time, which makes it hard for high power creatures to do damage.

Competitive (for the most part)

If theres a better search card than Diabolic Tutor feel free to leave it in the comments. [SOLVED]


Type: Cheerios

As said before, this deck is a glass cannon solely reliant on having 1 or more Puresteel Paladin / Sram, Senior Edificer under your control for card draw, and 1 or more Cabal Paladin s under your control for damaging your opponents.

From here, the rest is pretty simple. You have a gun, and a big chunk of the deck (literally 1/3 of the deck) is artifact equipment spells for 0 CMC which serves as your ammo. Once you have both Paladins on the field you essentially just start firing what almost looks like an unlimited gun of 2 damage per cast on ALL of your opponents at once.

Gift of Estates is meant for deck thinning to remove some of those pesky extra lands, so once you get to 4 or 5 lands you could probably stop playing lands so you can use this to improve your odds of getting more 0 cmc equipment cards whenever you draw.

Prismatic Vista , Marsh Flats - use these for deck thinning! its very important for shelling off as many artifacts as you can!


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What better way to insure just a bit more pain on your opponents with this deck than to use fetch lands to thin your library down to just artifacts and the other cards you need?

+2 Sigil of Distinction

+4 Prismatic Vista +4 Marsh Flats

-10 Plains or Swamps


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