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Unblockabogles (Budget Modern)

Modern Aggro Budget Mono-Blue


Ultra-budget unblockable aggro! (Blue weenies?)

The deck is a little like bogles in that it leans on tiny creatures that you then beef up for the win, but instead of being hexproof all these creatures are unblockable.

The one little trick in the deck is to cast Biomass Mutation to pump your creatures at instant speed. Note that it can increase their damage as well as potentially save them from sweepers like Pyroclasm. Flipping Dowsing Dagger   into Lost Vale can help you cast it sooner for a higher X value too. Also, since it affects all your creatures instead of targeting, it still works if you've given a creature shroud with Clout of the Dominus or Plaxmanta.

Speaking of the latter, Yavimaya Coast is only in the deck so you can splash green for Plaxmanta. You could swap it out to make the deck even cheaper if you just want it to be a two mana instant that gives your creatures shroud. But I figure it is better as a 2-for-1 that protects your creatures and sticks around to block and slow down your opponent.

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