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Hello, and welcome to my first true attempt at a standard legal deck! All ideas and comments are welcome, however, I will say that I want to keep this deck rotation ready, so no scars or m12 please. Now onto the point of the deck!

My idea for this deck is simple: Tokens, tokens everywhere. We have many different cards to create them: Captain of the Watch, Captain's Call, Attended Knight, Geist-Honored Monk and Talrand, Sky Summoner. From there, we get some anthems out to make the creatures even worse. We have Intangible Virture, Captain of the Watch, and Favorable Winds. Some explanations of some card decisions follow.

Akroma's Memorial: Now Favorable Winds affects my Soldier tokens too! It gives me some other nice bonuses to boot.

Goldnight Commander: One drop of Captain's Call gives all my other creatures +3/+3. Not bad in my opinion.

Oblivion Ring: Some simple removal goes a long way.

Ghostly Flicker: Flicker in my Captain of the Watch, and look at all the creatures I have! Also, using this on Vessel of Endless Rest can help to counter the inevitable Golgari decks that will run rampant once Ravnica comes out.

Odric, Master Tactician: Oh look. I win.

Geist-Honored Monk: I initially had a Crusader of Odric to fill this roll, but the Monk here provided far more synergy with the deck. The simple fact that I now have more flying creatures allows me to use my Favorable Winds even more.

Haunted Guardian : One of the lowest drops I have in this deck. It is a great early game defensive item for me so that I can eventually get my tokens rolling without too much worry early game.

Again, let me know what you think. Thanks for anything!


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