3-1, was in 7th when forced to drop

Sometimes, having to go to work just stinks. Don't get me wrong, glad i have one, just sometimes, it's really tempting to call in lol.

They got going 20 min late, so that did not help.

5 round Swiss, I was in 7th after four rounds. Only loss came to a major mana screw (twice!!!) against a fast paced token pooper. Otherwise, deck did really well, the new additions quite helpful. I added tutors for mid to late game assistance, to grab cards I need to win (pike, the blight dragon) and I added The Blight Dragon for muscle and a quick finish. Now, if I stall due to mana flooding, I am much more likely going to be able to stabilize. It made a difference in two of the three wins tonight (first round mirror match- fast infect, blue green, had to remove slow cards for kill cards and mana leaks).

Round 1: G/U infect. Pulled the V emisary & titanic growth combo on me in two of our damn games, glad I had a vapor snag inone of those. 2-1.

Round 2: Haunted humans white with black splash. Fast and hard to deal with when mana was stubborn. Game two the worst, no second land until turn four. Mulligan'd to no avail.

Round 3: Haunted humans again. This time deck was better, took it 2-0

Round 4: G/W Angels and humans aggro, utilizing soulbond and heavy mana ramp. Took it 2-0.

Round 5: Had to drop, grr. Was in 7th at time.

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