A deck with many surprises up its sleeve, this is the Delver deck that promises you a night of fun, but leaves you along in the morning with a nasty case of STDs.

Yes, this is a Delver Infect Deck. ;)

The Infectious Delver operates on a few key principals:

  1. An ABSURDLY low converted mana cost- the calculator is a bit off in that it includes phyrexian mana, which I never straight cast, and the few big cards in here make it seem like the converted mana cost is higher. The Plan A takes off on two mana, with 3-4 the ideal load when going into your win. The big cards are Plan B for when the deck is giving me one of my infamous mana floods.
  2. An ABSURDLY high ratio of Sorcery/Instant to non S/I cards, utilizing the synergy between Delver of Secrets  Flip and Runechanter's Pike.
  3. A ton of draw to hasten the process of needed card gathering and Sorcery/Instant dumps into the graveyard.
  4. A myriad of surprise plays to throw off an opponent, often utilizing cards whose colors have nothing to do with the main build- Blue with a splash of Black.

Like many Delver and Infect predecessors, this deck wants to win as fast as it possibly can. I have had matches won in three turns. I tend to average around five, but I find games to be viable up until about turn 8. After turn 8, the chances of winning decrease, but assuming my stall out is due to excessive mana pulls, I have a back up plan. Diabolic Tutor lets me grab what I need for the win, or to grab the other mana heavy card, my Blight Dragon. He makes for a "I'm struggling to wrap this game up" card to help get the win anyhow.

Getting to a win condition is easy- slap one of the three creatures down- Delver, Stalker, or Blighted Agent, or get your Ink moth nexus out, get a pike on them and swing. If one of the two non-infect, use Tainted Strike if you have it. If not, you can always go for traditional 20 life agro depletion.

The fun thing with this deck is that there are so many ways to get instants and sorceries into your graveyard.

  1. Utilize the card draws- helps get what you need, and dumps those into the graveyard. Thought Scour also does this really well- if I am not searching for anything (got what I need in my hand), I just use it to draw and dump.
  2. Utilize your pumps- mutagenic growth is handy, and Tainted Strike grants the infect. If you have a pike on the creature, Mutagenic growth becomes worth 3pts, not two, and if you use Tainted Strike, it is worth a +2 and infect, not just one.
  3. Protect your fragile creatures- Blighted Agent and Delver get targeted a lot- no surprises, right? Apostles blessing is a wonderful way to counteract their attempts to get rid of your creature when you need it dearly. Giving it protection from that color (often black or red) truly helps a lot. It also allows a flier going in for the kill to circumvent blocking.

As you can see, there are a couple of unexpected options here- no one expects infect (especially when Delver shows up, LOL), so few can sideboard to deal with it, and some will let damage come through thinking it is 8pts, not soon to be 10pts of infect. Size jumping creatures also helps, as sometime people have a card with nice abilities, but low power, and will attack with them if the battle is mostly clear (one delver). Again, I cannot say how much I just love Apostle's Blessing, which not only protects creatures from harm, but allows them get around blocking as well.

All in all, I have fun with the deck, and the deck is cheap. I have no idea where Coolstuffinc is coming up with its pricing, because I paid less than $65 for this whole thing, including the Darkslick Shores. With sideboard,looking closer to $90.

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#6 in tournament @ Wizards — Sept. 14, 2012

I went into top 8 undefeated this time around, and that felt really awesome. Unfortunately, my deck decided that was the time to go haywire, and I lost the first round of it. Here's the rundown:

Round 1: Mono Black Control- This is typically my worst match up, and this was against one of the more successful players in our Venue, so I was worried coming into this one. Fortunately, his deck was sputtering and mine came out screaming, and I swept this one easily.

Round 2: RWG Kessig Wolfrun with a Sword of Feast and Famine. This one could have gotten uglier, but I out paced him and his forced discarding was benefiting me. I wrapped this one up cleanly with a 2-0 finish, although game 2 came right down to the edge.

Round 3: A RG Keesig Wolfrun with the more traditional build. Game one was a breeze, and I clobbered the guy out on life using an invisible stalker. Game two I had a bit of a limping start and his went well and he got me. Game three, I quickly dumped my fuel into the graveyard, stacked a pike onto a Blighted agent and I sank him in one hit. 2-1

Round 4: ANOTHER Kessig Wolfrun- seriously, you really start to wonder if anyone is playing anything else tonight @[email protected] This guy was doing another RGW, using a similar build to the one from round two- utilizing Angel of Jubilation and Blade Splicer among others. I came out fast on this round and smashed him twice without too much trouble. Game two I had a moment where I was thankful for sideboarding in control aspects, because it save my arse on a couple of those turns. 2-0

Round 5: This time, it was NOT a Kessig deck. It was a Delver ala Geist of St Traft deck, and this one was a fun match up. I came through on round one and got the surprise infect in- always fun to do to people. On game two, I got mana screwed while he got a geist out nice and early. That did not go well. Game three, I gutted those geists with a surgical (he milled himself with Thought scour and lost it) and then I quickly cleaned up thereafter. 2-1

5-0 going into Top 8, in 2nd place due to tiebreakers.

Top 8 Round 1: Playing against a BR zombies deck, going the usual zombie route- dropping zombies in a hurry, while running a splash of burn to get rid of creatures. Game one I knocked him out with 10 infect in a hurry, and it gave me confidence that I was going to be alright. That was when my deck decided to go its usual way, and everything went downhill. I had a massive mana flood (on turn 6, I had 8 lands. I mulled down to 6 and kept a 2 land hand, and then drew almost nothing but lands- via cantrip, I added a couple extra cards to hand, but I was at 8 out of 14 cards being land). Lost that one. Game three, I had one creature, some stall cards, but nothing to get me to a win. My mana was light, but manageable (3 mana about turn 5), but the lack of draws I needed to push my one little guy to the win never came up, and I ended up not getting to where I needed to be at the end. I got the guy to 8 poison counters when he got me to 0 life. If I had one more turn, I would have had it, but that's how it goes.

I hate losing due to my deck going on the fritz, for whatever reason it does, but all in all, my first 5-0 run at an FNM felt really damn good. :)

Looked up my final placement, looks like the 1st place guy must have stumbled as well- I ended up in 6th.

#32 in tournament @ Wizards — Sept. 7, 2012
#13 in tournament @ Borderlands Games — July 6, 2012
#4 in tournament @ Borderlands Games — June 29, 2012


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