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Rise of the Legionnaire

Pauper Aggro Control Mono-White Pauper



As the name of the deck name suggests I made this deck centered around the Porcelain Legionnaire. A quick 3/1 First Strike threat early on the battlefield, can do a lot of damage if not dealt with.

Like any creature, the Legionnaire is easily taken down with a removal spell. So in comes his support group.

Sanctum Gargoyle can bring back a Legionnaire or a Bonesplitter if need be. A good trick with it is to keep one in your hand and bash in or block with another on the battlefield. If then it's sent to the graveyard, play the one in your hand and repeat the process.

Remember the Fallen, is a great spell to get back these artifacts and creatures. You can return 2 Legionnaire's or 2 Gargoyle's on the count of they being both creature and artifact.

Kor Skyfisher is added as a great 2/3 flyer for support and also to activate many tricks. One is to bounce back a Gargoyle and repeat the tricks mentioned above. it also combos with; "Sejiri Steppe" to bash in with protection or remove an unwanted aura off our creature (example: Pacifism); "Loyal Cathar" when flipped to add him again renewed; and "Lone Missionary" to gain extra life.

To finish off, there are a variety of removal spells; Bonesplitter to enhance creature threat, and the Standard Bearer to take pressure off of Legionnaire and soak up all the opponents beneficial spells for himself.

Sideboard Plan:

1 Land Spy:

+3 Dawn Charm; +3 Sunbeam Spellbomb; -3 Bonesplitter; -3 Celestial Flare. ["Judge Unworthy" your own creatures if needed to find the life gain and "Dawn Charm"].


+3 Dispellers Capsule; +3 Dawn Charm; +1 Celestial Flare; -1 Lone Missionary -2 Loyal Cathar; -4 Judge Unworthy.

Azorius Kitty:

+3 Dispeller's Capsule; -2 Bonesplitter; -1 Loyal Cathar. [the Capsules are mainly to destroy the "Reality Acid"]

Boros Kitty:

+1 Celestial Flare; -1 Bonesplitter.

Creatureless Decks:

+3 Dawn Charm; +3 Dispeller's Capsule; +2 Obsidian Acolyte; +3 Sunbeam Spellbomb; -3 Celestial Flare; -4 Journey to Nowhere; -4 Judge Unworthy

Delver Fiend:

+3 Dawn Charm; +1 Celestial Flare; +3 Sunbeam Spellbomb; -3 Bonesplitter; -2 Remember the Fallen; -2 Loyal Cathar.


+2 Serrated Arrows; -2 Celestial Flare. [If needed to remove a "Viridian Longbow" then] +2 Dispellers Capsule; -1 Celestial Flare; -1 Bonesplitter. [Strategy is to aim for those key elves and wipe them from the board (example; Priest of Titania, Timberwatch Elf)].


+3 Dawn Charm; +2 Sunbeam Spellbomb; -3 Bonesplitter; -2 Remember the Fallen.


+3 Dispellers Capsule; +3 Dawn Charm; +1 Celestial Flare; +1 Bonesplitter; -3 Unmake; -4 Judge Unworthy; -1 Journey to Nowhere.

Illusory Tricks:

+1 Celestial Flare; -1 Bonesplitter.


+1 Celestial Flare; +3 Dawn Charm; +3 Dispeller's Capsule; -3 Bonesplitter; -2 Remember the Fallen; -2 Lone Missionary.

Izzet Control:

+3 Dawn Charm; +3 Sunbeam Spellbomb; -3 Celestial Flare; -3 Unmake.

Land Destruction:

+3 Sunbeam Spellbomb; -3 Unmake. [If need be, Judge Unworthy own creatures to find lands. Many spells cost 2 mana or less, the 2/3 flyers can survive if land isnt found].

Love Train:

+3 Dispeller's Capsule; -3 Celestial Flare.


+2 Obsidian Acolyte; -2 Bonesplitter. [If the deck is heavy on spells like "Corrupt" and "Geths Verdict" then also] +3 Dawn Charm; -1 Bonesplitter; -2 Celestial Flare.


+1 Bonesplitter; +3 Dispeller's Capsule; +3 Dawn Charm [for counter spell); +3 Sunbeam Spellbomb (for drawing cards) -4 Journey to Nowhere; -3 Celestial Flare; -3 Judge Unworthy. [Hold on to "Gargoyle" and "Fallen" to get the "Capsule" from the grave.]


+3 Dawn Charm; +3 Sunbeam Spellbomb; -3 Unmake; -3 Celestial Flare. [If there are no creatures, use the "Creatureless Decks" sideboard plan].

MRed Heroic:

+3 Dawn Charm; +1 Celestial Flare; -3 Bonesplitter; -1 Remember the Fallen.


+1 Celestial Flare; -1 Journey to Nowhere.

Presence of Gond combo:

+2 Dawn Charm; +3 Dispeller's Capsule; +2 Serrated Arrows; -3 Celestial Flare; -4 Judge Unworthy.


+1 Celestial Flare; -1 Bonesplitter.


+1 Celestial Flare; -1 Bonesplitter.

Tortured Existence:

+3 Dispellers Capsule; +2 Obsidian Acolyte; -3 Bonesplitter; -2 Loyal Cathar.


+3 Dawn Charm ("Rolling Thunder" counter); +1 Celestial Flare; -2 Bonesplitter; -2 Judge Unworthy.

UG Madness:

+1 Celestial Flare; -1 Standard Bearer.

White Tokens:

+3 Dawn Charm; +2 Serrated Arrows; +3 Sunbeam Spellbomb; +2 Obsidian Acolyte; -4 Journey to Nowhere; -3 Celestial Flare; -3 Unmake.

White Weenie:

+2 Serrated Arrows; -1 Loyal Cathar; -1 Bonesplitter.


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