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Actively looking for suggestions and improvements!

This is my first deck not using Blue / Black I'm not all that sure of how to put it together. Help and suggestions are therefore greatly appreciated.


In the early game, Delver of Secrets  Flip, Vexing Devil and Invisible Stalker are your friends for some board presence and early damage.

From there the deck transitions to a control / burn mixture with Essence Scatter and Vapor Snag to remove threats, Mizzium Skin and Izzet Charm to protect your important stuff until there is either a Gelectrode or Guttersnipe on the field.

Once either one of those has entered the battle, optimally equipped with Curiosity, the rest of the game becomes just burning through as many cheap spells as fast as possible.

Keep counters and protection on hand and remember that playing them damages the opponent as well. (Nothing is nicer than countering a target spell, dealing 2 damage through guttersnipe and drawing a card while you're at it)

Teleportal is a nice damage boost for a turn, especially if the opponent let a Vexing Devil enter the field.

Dual Casting is best put onto a Guttersnipe since they don't attack under normal circumstances anyway. And with something like Lightning Bolt that's 10 damage for 2R

Epic Experiment is in there mostly as a card in case the game goes on for too long for some reason (too much counterspelling, lifegain, etc). Putting some Mana behind this while a Guttersnipe is on the field can end the game right then and there.


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