it's just crazy enough to work! Bolas's Citadel + Weather the Storm + Shaman of the Pack is the wincon. Surgical Extraction gets rid of fetches from your own graveyard so you can't hit them with Bolas's Citadel . Noxious Revival to get a land on top if your getting mana screwed or a Surgical Extraction if you need it. Taigam's Scheming + Contingency Plan to help search for Bolas's Citadel and get rid of lands you don't need. also helps you get rid of your lands with Surgical Extraction . Treasure Mage tutors for Bolas's Citadel and can be a good chump blocker. Weather the Storm keeps you alive Shaman of the Pack kills your opponent. you can win on turn 3 if you get lucky. I need help with suggestions for specific cards to improve the deck because right now you have to get lucky to win because you deal a lot of damage to yourself. I think the concept has some merit so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. I have never seen a deck like this one so even if it isn't great it was still a cool idea and fun to make! thanks for your time.


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