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Here Comes the Boom! (Featured in Daily MTG!)

Modern Aggro Budget Mono-Green


Gavin Verhey chose to write about my deck in his "Reconstructed" article. The deck list I submitted was prior to me adding Wild Defiance so a few cards are off. I was super excited when I saw this on Daily MTG. Read the article if you have time.

Here is the link to the article. Read it if you have a few minutes!


Any suggestions are welcomed! (especially for a sideboard)

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The main idea of this deck is to have Champion of Lambholt let my creatures attack untouched and for Wild Beastmaster to pump them all. Having one of these cards out is awesome and having both at the same time is priceless. The other cards help pump these two to allow for major damage. Revenge of the Hunted on a Wild Beastmaster with an Arbor Elf and Strangleroot Geist on turn 4 can end the game. Oh, and Ranger's Guile has worked wonders for me!


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Played at my local fnm last night and placed 3rd out of 17.

Before the FNM I made the following changes:

-3 Titanic Growth -2 Blessings of Nature +4 Ranger's Guile +1 Revenge of the Hunted

I added the Ranger's Guile for protection from the heavy removal/burn spells in my meta. The deck did very well and I was pleased with the results. The only game I lost was to a Jund deck but I had to mull to 4 the first game and I kept one mana lands both games (super bad idea, btw). Other than that I feel good about this deck's potential.


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