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Golgari Ramp/Control Post-Rotation

Standard* BG (Golgari) Control



My first foray into standard in many years.

In general, I want to deal early damage with a turn 2 Dreg Mangler while waiting for Jarad. In the midgame, fill the board with creatures and limit my opponent's options with Duress, Mind Rot, and Destroy the Evidence. Once I get Jarad out, with all the Scavenging that should be happening and Quirion Dryads that should be decent sized and Demons and Rancors, I should be able to explode enough creatures to Jarad to finish my opponent off.

I'd like to know if this is viable at all, and any ways that I could improve the deck. I'm thinking of maining Naturalize because O Rings and Detentions Spheres ruin my day.


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