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BW Resilience

Standard Aggro



This deck is meant to hit hard and fast, but can still swing back with a vengeance against lifegain and board wipes using the Desecration Demon/Geralf's Messenger/Vampire Nocturnus -> Disciple of Bolas combo.

I can beat most archetypes with this deck, as most standard decks nowadays rely on Thragtusks, board wipes, and Sphinx's Revelation to slow down traditional RDW, weenie, and rakdos aggro decks. These cards slow this deck down for sure, but it can accelerate far past these decks as the game gets up to turn 5 and 6 with card draw and constant board presence. It also has reach in the form of Geralf's Messengers, Blood Artists, and Bloodthrone Vampires, so it's not dead in the water by any means against pillow-fort type decks.

It's most volatile matchup right now is Rakdos, which is a toss-up that is based on land drops.

It's also fairly budget as Standard decks go :)



Warzin says... #1

if you want more draw maby include card:Altar's Reap or Sign in Blood ? also why no Cavern of Souls vs controll(Dissipate /Cancel )

January 12, 2013 2:05 a.m.

yared94 says... #2

Bloodgift Demon might be nice for even more card draw. Also, what are your thoughts on including Griselbrand and/or a plainswalker? Also, consider including Deadly Allure, to deal with various hexproof creatures such as Invisible Stalker, Sigarda and Geist if they become a big thing after Gatecrash come out. ESPECIALLY Sigarda since killing wave can't deal with her.

January 12, 2013 7:34 a.m.

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