Kasimir the Lone Wolf


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Legends (LEG) Uncommon

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Kasimir the Lone Wolf

Legendary Creature — Human Warrior

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Kasimir the Lone Wolf Discussion

DaringApprentice on All Possible Commanders

3 years ago

These are all the Azorius commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Ayesha Tanaka, Gosta Dirk, Hunding Gjornersen, Ith, High Arcanist, Jedit Ojanen, Kasimir the Lone Wolf, and Tobias Andrion.

These are all the Dimir commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Circu, Dimir Lobotomist, Nebuchadnezzar, Princess Lucrezia, Ramirez DePietro, Riven Turnbull, Sivitri Scarzam, and Ur-Drago.

These are all the Rakdos commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Axelrod Gunnarson, Barktooth Warbeard, Lady Orca, Pavel Maliki, Rakdos the Defiler, and Rohgahh of Kher Keep.

These are all the Gruul commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Jerrard of the Closed Fist, Livonya Silone, Marhault Elsdragon, Stangg, Sunastian Falconer, and The Lady of the Mountain.

These are all the Selesnya commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Daughter of Autumn, Gabriel Angelfire, Jasmine Boreal, Kei Takahashi, Lady Caleria, Lord Magnus, Sir Shandlar of Eberyn, and Torsten Von Ursus.

These are all the Orzhov commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Selenia, Dark Angel.

These are all the Golgari commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Iname as One, Rhys the Exiled, and Thelon of Havenwood.

These are all the Boros commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Munda, Ambush Leader.

These are all the Grixis commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Mishra, Artificer Prodigy.

These are all the Jund commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Bartel Runeaxe.

These are all the Naya commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Jacques le Vert.

These are all the Five-Colored commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Atogatog.

AliceInQuantumland on Kasimir Exchange

3 years ago

I have a Kasimir the Lone Wolf deck in which all creatures have no special abilities. I want to build it in a way that I exchange my creatures (except Kasimir) for my opponents' creatures. Any suggestions?

Jazzyboy on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

3 years ago

Sleazebag, your last point is exactly why I think we need to stop considering what decks commanders are usually run with, and rather consider what the commanders actually contribute to the decks that they're run with. Kasimir the Lone Wolf would probably never get played in most games so he's tier 5. He contributes basically nothing.

For a comparison; Narset, Enlightened Master has decks entirely built around her because her ability is very powerful and enables ridiculous combos. Without her, half the decks she's the head of couldn't even exist because they often use very high costed cards that are really hard to cast without her.

Sleazebag on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

3 years ago

Lorderos23: Spoken as a player who doesn't play dedicated infinite combo decks.

Yes, when people go infinite mana, they pretty much always have a win off that infinite mana. Know why? Because they don't bother to go infinite mana UNTIL they have the piece that lets them win with infinite mana. Tasigur means they ALWAYS have access to that piece. Try playing an infinite mana combo deck in modern/legacy and you will see just exactly what a huge impact this has.

Cutting a combo down from 3 cards (2 card for infinite mana, 3rd card to abuse mana) to 2 cards is HUGE. Being able to CUT all the infinite mana abusers from your deck completely due to not needing them and dedicating those slots to more digging is also huge. If you don't understand the difference in competetive viability between a 2 card combo and a 3 card combo you honestly have no job commenting on tier lists.

If you play him as a normal commander, he is pretty mediocre. Gives ok value by gaining back a few cards from your graveyard and has access to good colors, but overall that's not backbreaking. He gets some benefits from being a good politics commander though (give me this removal to deal with that permanent).

The moment he becomes a dedicated combo commander, he becomes crazy good.

Also, your claim about him needing a good start/being weak to disruption makes absolutely ZERO sense. A poorly constructed deck is weak to disruption / requires a good start. A good deck is ALL about making your deck as reliable as possible. BUG has the MOST access to fixing, ramp and card advantage/abuse of all 3 color combinations. It is fact the most resilient color combination short of Prismatic. Tasigur wins at instant speed the second he resolves with infinite mana available, ignoring all disruption short of split second. You HAVE to counter him, or you lose. He will win with all your disruption still on the stack. Tasigur's delve ability can even reduce the commander tax making him even MORE resilient, as he will often cost 1 mana.

Another problem that is not accurately captured in this tier list is that color combinations alone are enough to put certain decks in a high tier. All decks with blue can be tier 2, even if that commander is Kasimir the Lone Wolf. Mostly because it doesn't need to cast its commander to have a highlander deck good enough to compete. Needless to say, all 3 color commanders in tier 3-5 with blue don't belong there. Hell, Ixidor, Reality Sculptor as Penguin_Gamer_1 mentioned is Tier 2 for this reason.

The issue is then if you are going to be listing commanders based on their viability against OTHER commanders in the same color combination, or if you are going to list them based on their viability as a whole, for example I have no problem rating cards like Kasimir in tier 5, as they are strictly worse than pretty much any other UB combination possible, even though it could be a nasty deck if the creator tried.

Hell, all 5 color decks can be Tier 1 regardless of their commander.

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