Barktooth Warbeard

Barktooth Warbeard

Legendary Creature — Human Warrior

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition III (ME3) Common
Legends (LEG) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Barktooth Warbeard Discussion

DrukenReaps on EDH vs cEDH

2 weeks ago

Wow, so many comments sparked by my silly rant. Awesome conversation guys! Surprisingly civil-ish too.

triproberts12 I'm going to pick on you since your the most recent. Lets say we sit down and I have some silly deck led by Barktooth Warbeard filled with mostly vanilla creatures. To use power levels this would be a 1. You have your 75% deck, likely sits around 7 by most standards. Are we playing different formats? This is literally your argument. The difference in the two deck's abilities to win is just as far apart, if not more so, than that elfball was from yours.

Heisenburr on The Big Bad Wurm

1 year ago

@TheRedGoat Thanks for your suggestions and sorry for my bad englado.

Usually I need 2 creatures to kill Grothama, All-Devouring for the first time in a match. Personally I'm fine with that and don't think, that we need either Bow of Nylea or Grafted Exoskeleton .

The deck is built to draw a ton of cards and it pretty much always does. The only thing that can get in our way is, when we keep a starting hand without something for card draw, we don't draw anything similar and our creatures (which were to kill Grothama) will be removed. In this case a cheap early card draw spell like Life's Legacy or Hunter's Insight could be really useful. (When i built the deck, i was also considering those two but simply forgot to put them to the Maybeboard.

The Great Aurora - I've never seen this card before and I'm not quite sure if we need more lands on the battlefield, when we can already cast a 9 mana spell. The card draw is pretty sweet tho combined with Psychosis Crawler . (And you are right, the deck makes it easy to have a handsize of 20+ cards.)

Vivien's Invocation - In my opinion See the Unwritten is simply better.

Death's Presence - Could be pretty neat, but I'm not sure if I would cut antyhing for it.

Pathbreaker Ibex - Great card, can also be tutored for with Fierce Empath (I will definitely add it to the 99 in the future!)

Berserk - Already in the deck. Love the card... used it one time on a buffed Mossbridge Troll to hit for 50 and draw almost my whole deck with Greater Good .

Dragon Throne of Tarkir + Surestrike Trident - I almost cut all equipment cards because they were too slow. Only Darksteel Plate and Lightning Greaves are still in the deck.

Ravenous Slime - Most of the time our commander is dead before we end our turn. And if she is still alive, then we have some protection in back up. So we don't need Ravenous Slime .

I'd never suggest to play Grothama, All-Devouring just to have her on the board. Only play her, if you can make use of her ability in that turn or can protect her until your next turn.

I don't like Trollhide / Blinding Fog - When you need more protection for our wurm Blossoming Defense is cheaper and better.

Verdant Sun's Avatar - Personally I like the card, but I never felt needing it.

Gigantosaurus / Crash of Rhino Beetles / Phyrexian Dreadnought - Every creature in my deck has either a useful ability or is hard to remove. The 3 beater u mentioned are only big and die to easily.

I can only recommend Grothama, All-Devouring if you like card draw and smashing face with big hitters. She definitely has a unique ability which you can't find on any other card in magic. Beside Barktooth Warbeard , Grothama is my favorite EDH deck.

sonnet666 on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

2 years ago


For starters, I have already looked at your's and ay.lobo's Purphoros lists at least 10 times. You don't have to keep posting them. I know you've submitted them, and they're on my mind.

Secondly, Purphoros was the first EDH deck I built when I first got into the format, and I've played and updated the deck ever since then, so I know the ins and outs of the deck very well. And believe me when I say you are still using some sub-par strategies in your list. For instance, I can say with certainty that Glitterfang and Lightning Berserker are too slow to be of any real use.

Third, goldfishing Turn 6 wins is no longer enough to get you higher than T3. Since the advent of Paradox Engine, Aetherflux Reservoir, Walking Ballista, new efficient combos like DramaticScepter, and the Protean Hulk unban, nearly everything in the top tiers have gotten a significant uptick in power level. Nearly everything in T2.5 and above is capable of goldfishing T4 wins. The top tiers have so many overpowered cards right now that they could unban Tinker without shaking up the format too much. Purphoros gets a little bit of leeway, since he screws over AdNaus decks so badly, but if I were to put your list up as the example for Purphoros right now, I would have no choice but to demote Purphoros to T3, since it's unrealistic to expect a deck that wins on turn 6 to compete with the upper tiers in this meta.

If you still think that your deck is between T2 and T1.5, then I challenge you to playtest the Arcum Dagsson and Azami decklists from T1.5 and T2 in the description. Both of those can go off on turns 2 to 4 easily, with occasional T1 wins. A Purphoros list would lose to those decks without a doubt 99 times out of 100.

That being said, I appreciate the contention with the current Purphoros list in the description. As ay.lobo has brought up, restricting the deck to just goblin tribal cuts out a lot of cards that synergize really beautifully with Purphoros. However, there are a lot of things that play well with Purphoros, and unfortunately, not all of them play well with each other. The reason we have a goblin tribal deck up right now is that the tribal synergy speeds up the clock of the deck by about 1 turn because of the extra rituals, tutors, and things like Warren Instigator or Goblin War Strike. It's that little bit of speed that's keeping Purphoros in T2.5 really.

I think what needs to happen going forward is to work out how to add the non-goblin cards that Purphoros shines with to a goblin shell that will continue to speed up the deck. Could be super tricky. I've been planning on taking a crack at it for a while now.

spudman3d, A while back I suggested a six tier system in the interest of separating the moderately (mostly) Janky commanders like Chisei, Heart of Oceans or He Who Hungers from the complete trash like Barktooth Warbeard or Myojin of Infinite Rage. (Also, to keep stuff like Chisei from clogging up T4, which clogged up T3, which actually bothered people.)

We tried it for a little while, but ultimately thegigibeast decided that T5 and T6 were so close that functionally no one cared to separate them. He combined them into the current T5, and I think that's fine the way it is.

Also fyi, there are actually some pretty functional Phage decks. Black has the best tutor power and the best graveyard recursion, so you can easily get one of the six ways to get Phage out of the command zone: Sundial of the Infinite, Command Beacon, Null Brooch, Thrull Wizard, Withering Boon, and Kozilek, the Great Distortion. It's stupid and over-complicated for what is essentially a mediocre Voltron deck, but it does function.

Redace878 on Which Character should become a ...

2 years ago

I think the best legendary ever printed deserves to become a planeswalker: Barktooth Warbeard.

JaysonSunshine on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

3 years ago

illumfolly, you have erred, and greatly erred. As a plan A, Barktooth Warbeard can bite the other players, but he has the backup plan of barking, which can be mental rattling and lead to immediate concession.

Bushwhack on Most Useless Commander?

3 years ago

Barktooth Warbeard, All I gotta say

DaringApprentice on All Possible Commanders

3 years ago

These are all the Azorius commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Ayesha Tanaka, Gosta Dirk, Hunding Gjornersen, Ith, High Arcanist, Jedit Ojanen, Kasimir the Lone Wolf, and Tobias Andrion.

These are all the Dimir commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Circu, Dimir Lobotomist, Nebuchadnezzar, Princess Lucrezia, Ramirez DePietro, Riven Turnbull, Sivitri Scarzam, and Ur-Drago.

These are all the Rakdos commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Axelrod Gunnarson, Barktooth Warbeard, Lady Orca, Pavel Maliki, Rakdos the Defiler, and Rohgahh of Kher Keep.

These are all the Gruul commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Jerrard of the Closed Fist, Livonya Silone, Marhault Elsdragon, Stangg, Sunastian Falconer, and The Lady of the Mountain.

These are all the Selesnya commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Daughter of Autumn, Gabriel Angelfire, Jasmine Boreal, Kei Takahashi, Lady Caleria, Lord Magnus, Sir Shandlar of Eberyn, and Torsten Von Ursus.

These are all the Orzhov commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Selenia, Dark Angel.

These are all the Golgari commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Iname as One, Rhys the Exiled, and Thelon of Havenwood.

These are all the Boros commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Munda, Ambush Leader.

These are all the Grixis commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Mishra, Artificer Prodigy.

These are all the Jund commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Bartel Runeaxe.

These are all the Naya commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Jacques le Vert.

These are all the Five-Colored commanders I could find that weren't in your list: Atogatog.

Sicohippy on Good blue commanders?

3 years ago

Whenever I am having trouble deciding upon a new commander to choose and want specific colors, I browse This List of EDH Generals by tier for something that I want to play... Usually,

-Tier 1: Unplayable because they're the asshole-level good commanders, and not only will everyone hate you when you win so hard in a casual format, but you'll usually be immediately assessed as the biggest threat in a multi-player game and be taken down by people on the board as soon as possible.

-Tier 5: also unplayable because they can't do bum diddly squat, like Barktooth Warbeard, who is an utterly useless drop Vagabond.

-Tier 4: These decks are usually just as fun as tier 3 decks, and are the most fun commanders to play, typically. That being said, they usually need a little extra love and attention to details in order to compete well in a multi-player game. I play Ghoulcaller Gisa as one of my generals right now, for instance, and that deck list ran me around $500. Had I not put that much money into it, it wouldn't really compete as well with some of the tier 2 decks that I play against in my meta. These commanders will usually be very fun because they won't be assesed as a threat, allowing you to develop your board and combos to their maximum potential. That being taken into account, though, there are usually certain blind-spots, and wide open faults in their functions that make them easy to take down. Using Ghoulcaller Gisa as an example again, a simple Black Sun's Zenith, Damnation, All Is Dust, or any other board wipe, can usually solve the problem of me having several multiple zombies (sometimes hundreds).

-Tier 3: Usually the sweet spot on this list for me. These commanders are typically great for multi-player and you'll almost never be immediately considered a threat to the table when playing them, allowing you to have time to develop some really whacky and fun combos and board set-ups, they also have great color combinations that allow you to utilize a number of functions, and still win the game while playing on equal and fun terms.

-Tier 2: Usually I bring these guys out when somebody at the table is playing hardball, like an Omnath, Locus of Rage deck, for instance, can be pretty pesky in a large multi-player game. If you build the deck correctly, he can dominate the scene, even with everyone else targeting him. Still, Omnath, Locus of Rage is a tier 3, and although this list really comes down to "If I spend $3,000 on a deck maxing out every card and exploiting every combo that is avaliable, here is where these commanders place competitively", using a Tier 2 commander, like with my Kaalia of the Vast deck, can be a good measure for me to asses how well she will do against an Omnath, Locus of Rage deck.

So, all of this being said, remember, tiers are important, but they don't ALWAYS measure how good a deck is going to be in respect to other tiers of commanders, unless you maximize the budget and make them unbeatable, that is. This list of commanders does end up coming down to placing them in tiers in respect to them being "Maxed out" (or having spent $3,000+ on a deck to make it as good as it possibly can be). In my opinion, though, a maxed out tier 3 deck usually isn't going to be any match for a half-assed tier 1 deck, and a maxed out tier 3 deck will either never, or rarely be a match for a maxed out tier 2 deck, unless the tier 3 deck's functions are made to oppose the tier 2 deck that is in question.

EDH is fun because its so unpredictable, and it can only be assessed and though out to such a far degree, which is why I try not to follow this list religiously. I've seen good tier 4 decks win games against nothing but tier 1's and 2's. So, this list will allow you to have a general midst of how good your general will be, but again, always remember that nothing in EDH is concrete. Which is why its such a beautiful format.

Just my recommendation and my 2 cents.

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