So, let's break the game, shall we? Izzet, usually known for its weak creatures with massive potential. So let's flip that on its head and go for broke, yeah? The premise of this deck is to make MASSIVE Izzet-colored wizards using Adeliz, the Cinder Wind with... Well, literally ANYTHING. Yes, it is detrimental to have so much riding on one creature, but when you have Siren Stormtamer and a sideboard of Dive Down, it's easy to keep him alive. And even without him, you're spitting out so many little guys that can have flying and haste thanks to Maximize Altitude + Maximize Velocity , not to mention giving them Trample with the amazing cantrip Crash Through!

Drew a second Adeliz, the Cinder Wind when yours is already on the field? Discard him for some Jump Start and keep the fun going! With eight of them in the deck, you're almost always going to have one either in hand or in your graveyard, ready to rock and roll. And with more in your sideboard, you can switch them in for even more spell consistency. :D

If all else fails, slap a few of those Jump-Start cards on Beamsplitter Mage and enhance your entire team to swing in for fairly consistent massive damage! Against other aggro decks, you've got the Perilous Voyage to slow the enemy down, netting yourself some scrying to plan your next few turns, as well! After playtesting a few times, it seems, so long as you're not totally mana-screwed, turn 5 is consistently LATE GAME! As much as I love my Electromancer/Guttersnipe combo, it just doesn't hold a candle to the sweet sweet power of Wizards Who Work Out!


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