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Undying Alliance - Challenge Deck



A very fun and challenging deck to practice against. Do you have what it takes?


The Alliance starts with a life total of 20.

  1. The Alliance goes first. Draw the first 5 cards (see edit) from its' library. Put any creature cards onto the battlefield, then put the rest into the Alliance's graveyard.

EDIT* Draw the first 3 cards from its' library.

  1. If The Alliance draws multiple sorcery cards, choose which sorcery will be played, then put the rest into the graveyard. The Alliance will play all instants it draws.

  2. If The Alliance would deal damage to itself, it gain's that much life.

  3. The Alliance draws one card during its' upkeep. Play the card as it reads. The effect "cycling" on cards from The Alliance, can not be used or triggered.

  4. The Alliance's creature are subject to summoning sickness. All creatures controlled by The Alliance will attack during its' attack phase.

  5. The Alliance's creatures will block every creature you control when it's possible. You make decisions on who blocks for The Alliance.

  6. When one of The Alliance's creatures is sent to the graveyard, The Alliance draws one card. If it is a creature, put it onto the battlefield. If not put it into the graveyard.

  7. If The Alliance has no more card's in it's library, take it's graveyard and exiled piles and shuffle them into its' library. Continue playing.

  8. You make decisions for The Alliance if those decisions do not conflict with the rules above.

EDIT* 1/18/14 Added two more rules. Rule 8 and rule 7. Hopefully this will make things more interesting.

Good luck and have fun! Tell me the results!


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