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We will use Flick effects to recycle enter the battlefield effects, block without entering combat and avoid kill spells. Bounce and Detain will enable us to deal with blockers. Because the main wincon of this deck is to slip damage through early fliers, creatures with ETBs that trigger the said habilities are vital.

Faerie Miscreant and Mulldrifter act as the draw engine of the deck. Having 4 Faerie Miscreants enables us to synergize Spellstutter Sprite within the deck, giving us the chance to counter almost every one drop we deem as dangerous.

Our finishers are two possible lockdowns, the "No Attack Step" lockdown, Stonehorn Dignitary, and the "You have to spend all your mana at instant speed at the beginning of your turn", the YHTSAYMAISATBOYT, lockdown (looking for a better name), Gulf Squid.

About card picks:

Azorius Arrester is a piker that deals with blockers via Detain, pretty solid card.

Faerie Miscreant is a slow draw engine that synergizes with Spellstutter Sprite. If the first idea that came into my mind while creating this deck would not have been "FAERIES" she/he/it would not be here, but, Spellstutter Sprite is a counter target onedrop on a stick, so... FAERIE SYNERGY

Gulf Squid. I did not know this card even existed, great card to flick on your opponents Draw Step. It also shuts down open mana before combat steps.

Man-o'-War: I'm still doubting I only need 2 of these. Bounce + Flick might even be better than Detain + Flick, but, it's higher CMC would slow us down.

Mulldrifter: Evoke + Flick cycles through your deck very quickly. Flickblocking, avoiding kill spells, etc. makes you draw 2 after Mulldrifter is on the field. Best creature in the deck for sure. Also note that no one will try anything against it as the risks of missing the target are very high. Missing could create a large gap between the players' hand sizes and therefore, a great lose on tempo.

Spellstutter Sprite: Did I already say FAERIE SYNERGY?.

Stonehorn Dignitary: Same deal as the Gulf Squid, but, instead of locking down the mana, it makes your opponnent skip their next Combat Phase. I'm still not sure about running 3 of these and a Gulf Squid or 3 Gulf Squids and a Stonehorn Dignitary.

Cloudshift, Momentary Blink and Turn to Mist are our flick cards. They mainly affect our creatures, but we would not usually spend them targetting opposing creatures, so, no problem. Momentary Blink gives many option with the flashback, Cloudshift's low CMC makes it very flexible and Turn to Mist can save 1 of our creatures from pseudo-wraths(as a bonus, it can also target enemy creatures).

Mana Leak: Now, this is a card that takes root from the original idea of this deck, check Fairy Magic. It could be replaced by anything you can think of. Right now it just fills slots, it does it pretty well, but, maybe there is some obscure card I do not know that could be more helpful. Please, tell me what you would change it for or why should I keep it.

Journey to Nowhere and Bonesplitter work, thats it, no crazy combos or anything, just pure value. Maybe they can be changed as well. Tell me in the comments.

As for the lands, I'm still testing them, IMO Ash Barrens are irreplaceable though.

About the sideboard:

I NEED HELP. We could just hypothesize which matchups could be favorable for this deck and build the sideboard that way. IMO Dust to Dust, Patrician's Scorn and Hydroblast are tough contenders for the slots.

About the maybeboard:

Elgaud Shieldmate could be a hexproof equipment on a creature, but, IMO, it's CMC is too high.

All the other cards are there to suggest changes in card numbers.

Waiting for your comments. (Any good suggestions will be added to the maybeboard).


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