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$1 Token Sacrifice EDH. One US Dollar.

Commander / EDH Aggro Budget RG (Gruul) Sacrifice Tokens


I already have a $1 EDH deck in $1 Snow Rock EDH. One US Dollar., but I saw this pairing and couldn't resist. Here, the focus is on the combat step. This deck wants to attack with disposable creatures, turn those creatures into Skeleton tokens, and create even more expendable creatures. Since most of the engine lives in the command zone, it's a little slow, but surprisingly resilient to board wipes.

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$1 +1/+1 Counters EDH. One US Dollar.

$1 Control EDH. One US Dollar.

$1 Flying EDH. One US Dollar.

$1 Snow Rock EDH. One US Dollar.

$1 Recursion EDH. One US Dollar.

$1 Elf EDH. One US dollar.

$1 Casualty EDH. One US Dollar.

$1 Auras EDH. One US Dollar.

$1 Five Color EDH. One US Dollar.



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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