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I have had a long history of wanting to build a control deck, but I have always seemed to fail. All of my attempts led to a deck that was strong I certain situations, but often too reactionary for my liking, or for it to always be fun to play. So, ultimately, my goal was to create a control deck that could thrive in any situation, and I ended up with this deck.

The main source of control comes from Elite Arcanist + Silence but he can also be paired with Render Silent and Azorius Charm for equally devastating results. Elite Arcanist + Venser, the Sojourner becomes one of the end game options once you have his token out, or he can be paired with Frost Titan + Sunblast Angel to tap and clear any opposing creatures, plus they do 10 damage together. Venser's +2 also works really well with Wall of Omens to increase your draw ability. Then there is the obvious benefit of being able to flicker your Detention Sphere to either change targets or get more of the same permanent, and you can also save one creature from a Supreme Verdict. I added stuff like Cloudshift, Flickerwisp and Conjurer's Closet to the sideboard to increase that ability if needed, and Stonehorn Dignitary is great in place of Sunblast when facing heavy aggro decks. . I think the most fun part of this deck is having your opponents throw down cards while your not paying attention or before you have the chance to tap Elite Arcanist.

There's obviously been quite a few sets released since I finalized this deck, but I'm too attached to try and make improvements. Is there anything that I'm obviously missing? Something I should be doing differently? Thanks for reading!


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