Quite effective Vampire tribal in Standard. A bit too few lands, but the deck is quite good in most matchups and changes from aggro to a more responsive play style in a quite nice manner.

I feel I should write "quite" quite a few more times, so here goes: quite, quite, quite.



Zen_Toombs says... #1

Question: Is this a deck specifically built with what you had lying around, or is this the quasi-ideal decklist? The answer changes how I respond to the deck. Regardless, here are some general suggestions: With your mana base, you may consider dropping a color to make your deck more consistent. With your current cards, I would suggest dropping red to add more and better white and black. Also, you will want to have as many copies as possible of most of your cards - that also increases consistency, which is vital for your low drops. Especially good cards to pick up more copies of: Vampire Nighthawk , Tragic Slip , Blood Artist , an extra copy of Gather the Townsfolk , maybe one or two Thraben Doomsayer , and maybe another copy or two of Increasing Devotion . Cards you should probably cut: Vigilante Justice , as you don't have a ton of humans even from token producers, Voice of the Provinces as she costs 6 for a pitiful body, card:Commander's Authority as it costs 5 to do a small thing on your upkeep (which will never come soon enough), and probably Trostani's Judgement as it costs a lot more than you want it to. You will also want to run more lands - go for about 24. Some suggestions for cards: possibly Falkenrath Noble if you like Blood Artist effects, Bloodline Keeper  Flip for vampire buffing, Stromkirk Captain if you drop white instead of red (of note, it works SILLY well with Vampire Nighthawk , first strike + deathtouch for the win!), Stromkirk Noble if you have the spare cash and are not dropping red, Sign in Blood because you have lifegain and drawing cards is overpowered and you can use it on your opponents for an occasional kill, and if neither vampires, werewolves, or zombies are big in your playgroup, Victim of Night is a great killspell too. Sorry for the wall of text, hope I helped!

September 30, 2012 1:11 p.m.

dnoate says... #2

Wow, nice. I kind of don't want to drop one of the colors, as I like both Havengul Vampire and Thraben Doomsayer lot, but I might just cut back a bit on both of them. If I remove Voice of the Provinces , I might just as well remove Cloudshift , freeing up some space for more B/R cards. White was initially added just as a splash, but after seeing the graph on here, I see that it's kind of not. I have spares of some of the cards lying around, as well as some of the cards you mentioned (Sign in Blood , Stromkirk Captain ), which answers your initial question: They're lying around in my boxes.

September 30, 2012 1:27 p.m.

Zen_Toombs says... #3

Suggestion: So you like both Havengul Vampire and Thraben Doomsayer . How about you definitely cut white and make a white/X deck for your humans? I'd suggest Intangible Virtue and selesnya cards like Call of the Conclave , Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage . If you want to pump cash into the white deck, also add Champion of the Parish . As for Vamps, if you want tokens to replace your human tokens you lost, Goblin ones like card:Krenko's Command would suffice. Additional cut ideas: Falkenrath Torturer if you cut humans, as it's already pretty weak, Erdwal Ripper as she comes out well past your opponents likely having blockers and she's got too small of a body do deal with resistance, and Rootborn Defenses as even if you keep human tokens, populate is not very strong when it only gets you a 1/1. As there's only one wrath effect in standard, you should consider using Safe Passage as a replacement, seeing as it protects yourself as well. Regardless, both are actually much better than they get credit for.

September 30, 2012 1:54 p.m.

dnoate says... #4

Hm, you might have an idea with Goblins. Also, Thatcher Revolt . I'll think about it. Thanks!

September 30, 2012 1:59 p.m.

Zen_Toombs says... #5

No problem, and I forgot about monseur Thatcher Revolt . I'm actually quite a fan of the card, but it tends to be not so good. If you run it, be sure you are running a playset of Blood Artist and as many as you can of Falkenrath Noble . As for the quasi-humans deck, you could always go with Boros Humans (W/R). It's much much MUCH better if you pump cash into it (lookin at you Silverblade Paladin and Champion of the Parish ) but it's still pretty decent, especially with [the-card-for-5-that-you-tap-your-creatures-to-deal-3-damage-each-to-an-opponent-thatIcannotrecall-the-name-of-and-can't-be-bothered-to-look-up] whew. And no problem, just let me know if you want any more advice/help/suggestions!

September 30, 2012 2:11 p.m.

Geoxis says... #6

I'd say just scrap the whole deck, pick out your favorite cards and Shape Anew not the card just the phrase :P

Falkenrath Marauders seem to be the flavor direction you're going in. Along with Olivia from the innistrad block you can also throw in Falkenrath Aristocrat if you got dat cash flow

September 30, 2012 3:30 p.m.

mansfordm says... #7

Oh Buddy,

I really think this kind of deck can do a lot in standard, especially when Scars of Mirrodin block drops off. The main thing I agree on thats been said in these other comments is CONSISTENCY. If you wanna make a deck that can win games at FNM, you need to have four copies of your most valuable cards so you have the highest chance of drawing them. I am not sure how much money you have to throw in this deck, but I'll go ahead and throw out suggestions regardless of price for now. First off, the one card that is sweeping standard right now is Bonfire of the Damned if you have any way of acquiring this card, then I would highly suggest running two copies, because I feel with the miracle mechanic its always good to run only two so you have more of a chance of casting off the miracle. The second card that I initially noticed was missing is Falkenrath Aristocrat definitely the best card to sac creatures to in standard right now. I would run a full play set of that. I see you also have 1 Blood Artist , which as far as standard is going with this kind of deck he is a must have. Four copies of him is highly suggested. While card:Krenko's Command is a good token generator for red, I think you would be alot better off with Thatcher Revolt . You can put out three humans, swing with them right away, and then sac them to Falkenrath Aristocrat or put counters on Havengul Vampire , and even gain life with Blood Artist . I think Cloudshift is kind of unnecessary here also, and I think you would be better off running card:Faith's Shield, as that can allow for better evasion if used on creatures such as Falkenrath Aristocrat or Havengul Vampire , and it can also protect them as well. Tragic Slip can be a pain in the ass sometimes, and Murder is a little costly. If you decide to run four copies of Blood Artist , a great removal cards that I think a lot of people seem to overlook is Bone Splinters with lots of tokens its very easy to pay the sacrifice cost, and you are getting the effect of Murder for the mana cost of Tragic Slip , plus it also beefs up your Havengul Vampire a little more. Another good removal card though that is coming out in RTR is Dreadbore , although it is a little more costly.

October 1, 2012 12:17 a.m.

mansfordm says... #8

Also the populate mechanic isnt really effective here when used on just 1/1 human tokens, it doesn't really pack a punch unless you're ramping and getting out 8/8 tokens with Grove of the Guardian , or even Call of the Conclave . Last card I wanna throw out there is Battle Hymn , which I personally love, as I use it to flashback my Increasing Devotion in my Boros Humans. Just remember when making a standard deck what you really have to consider is if the effect on the card is really worth its mana cost. For example, is it really worth paying 6 to exile one creature and get a 1/1 human?

O and yeah the card Zen_Toombs is talking about is Burn at the Stake which I also use Battle Hymn for in my boros humans lol. Dropping that followed by a Kessig Malcontents on the same turn is just crazy.

Great deck though I love how youre trying to put a variety of cards in there however that just doesn't work in standard. You need to pick five or six cards that you wanna run four copies of.

October 1, 2012 12:17 a.m.

Zen_Toombs says... #9

Exactly. Although mansfordm, I will point out that the OP mentioned this was stuff he was semi-throwing together, so Falkenrath Aristocrat and Bonfire of the Damned is all but out of the question. I will also point out that running less than four-of can be very acceptable, especially with higher drops or if you're trying to diversify your kill spells (with the others in your board for games 2+). Also, thanks for the Burn at the Stake

October 1, 2012 12:27 a.m.

dnoate says... #10

@mansfordm: Wow, so many great suggestions! I have some of those cards you mention lying around, and have to decide if I want to put money into the deck. What you're saying is that I won't necessarily have to cut one of the colors, but cut back on white, focusing on red tokens with card:Krenko's Command and Thatcher Revolt , with the occasional Increasing Devotion and perhaps Thraben Doomsayer ? A friend also suggested reducing tokens, replacing them with cards that grant Undying.

I also have a Bonfire of the Damned , but I'm using it in my Drag(on) Race deck.

October 1, 2012 1:18 a.m.

Zen_Toombs says... #11

Okay, Bonfire is fifty dollars right now. You should strongly consider selling it and getting a decent deck/making a decent deck great. Also, he was talking about using Increasing Devotion for a boros humans deck. IMO, you shouldn't run it unless you go BW, or make a red white humans/tokens deck. Unless you are playing far more dual lands, your mana base is too unstable right now to be effective.

October 1, 2012 1:25 a.m.

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