I have always been a fan of clue decks and Kaladesh made me think of a new take for synergys that would work well with clue generation. Using Tireless Tracker clue token generation is instrumental to this deck. Marionette Master's direct damage combined with clue token burn is an intersting thought and is made easier with Syndicate Traficker. Bloodbriar also stands to ramp veyr hard and having three different creature that can ramp to end game for 3cmc is very strong. Having the ability to sacrifice the clue for card draw for 2 for sacrificing it for 1 to give +1/+1 to more creatures.

Suggetions welcome!!


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I have been playing this deck for about a week and it has been running very consistently. I can usually have Tireless Tracker and Syndicate Trafficker out turn 3 or 4 followed by Bloodbriar. I have been very happy with it and love playing it.


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