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Scraps for the Scrap-God

Modern Affinity Artifact



My first own brew of modern, it oddly works. UPDATED

Main win con / heavy hitters are the Metalwork Colossus and Master of Etherium, with no evasion, but can be sped into action with Lightning Greaves.To reach the mana cost reduction required for the Colossus, Etherium Sculptor and Semblance Anvil are played turn 2 - 3 the first can even be imprinted and still be useful.Then any 2-drop artifact draws a card, preferably in chain, until the Colossus comes for free, that all can, theoretically and with a bit of luck, happen turn 3 - 4.Padeem, Consul of Innovation, especially with the Greaves, will keep the board save from targeted attacks, board wipes, as usual, are a pitfall. You can also hold out longer against aggro with sacrificing Alchemist's Vial.

Will add more info as required.

Needs suggestions yet, especially for Sideboard.


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