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MTGA Nox' Cascade 15-0 Burn Deck

Standard BR (Rakdos) Budget Burn Casual Competitive


This deck was build from me for the MTG Arena Streamer Event Nox' Cascade, where every card gains cascade. Rakdos Burn is already good in standart, but it´s just awesome with cascade. I finished the first three event leagues with a clean 5-0 win.

It´s constant and blisteringly fast, but it has also great staying power. Turn 4 wins are possible and turn 5 wins are often. I already got a nice combo turn with Electrostatic Field and Guttersnipe dealing 22 damage in that turn.

Have fun with this deck. Burn it down!

Pro tipps:

  1. Sovereign's Bite is the mirror breaker.
  2. Choose wisely if your the aggresor or in the control role. Often times you're playing control because you have so much reach.
  3. Always Shock that turn one Llanowar Elves. It doesn't hurt you, but can ruin your opponents game plan.
  4. Use your mana wisely and cascade in your and your opponents turn! Most people don't see that they can play instants in their opponents turn.
  5. Think some turns in advance. Electrostatic Field and Guttersnipe can give you awesome damage, because they trigger from the original spell and the cascaded one.
  6. Wizard's Lightning is CMC3 while on the stack and can cascade into CMC2 spells, while costing only one red mana with a wizard out.
  7. Finish your opponent while you can, don't durdle around. This deck can do massive amounts of damage out of nowhere. Think about all your triggers.
  8. Don't fold to lifegain until it's really over. I'd already won against GB midrange with two Wildgrowth Walker and Vraska's Contempt gaining eleven life in that match.
  9. You can cut some rares, but you should keep at least four punisherspells.
  10. Believe in yourself and in the heart and soul of the cards :-)

Press upvote if you liked this deck or grinded to victory with it.

Yours truly, Eledain - best Firemage ever ;-)


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