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Standard* Combo Control Infinite Combo

Glycan Score: 8


The idea is to set up an infinite mana loop with the Myr, then either deal 20 damage with Exsanguinate , either make them draw 60 cards with Blue Sun's Zenith , using small spells for surviving until then.

EDIT: Playtesting against popular stratagies (human aggro swarms) reveals that I can't get the combo in time. This means I should replace the defensive cards with swarm-killers and unechanters (or at least put them into my sideboard). Any suggestions?


FNM — June 8, 2012

Got 3rd place out of six players, and not very legitly (lack-of-time draw for the first round, which was the only time I got out my combo, forfeit in the second round because some guy decided he didn't really want to play, and lost the third round. Fourth round was canceled due to a lack of people)

Playtesting — May 20, 2012

With sidedeck switching, won against the Sacrifice All Humans and the tokens-51-18 deck. One game isn't much of an indicator, but still. The former was won by virtue of shapeshifters, maybe I should make those a subtheme?

Playtesting 2 — May 20, 2012

Beat Broken Branches with a combo and Blood of The Damned with copies of 5/5 demon tokens. I'm starting to think that I my side deck should stuff for a copy/shapeshifter deck, for slower decks, and Rachet Bombs and the like for token swarms. Suggestions for the former are much desired.

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