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All Your Lifes Belong To Me!!!

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So... Basically you're just going to kill them with heals :)

1: Get out a Tainted Remedy this can be done turn one if you get lucky and have a Swamp producing land and a Dark Ritual in your draw hand.

2: Target your opponent with your heals this can add up to be very nasty very fast, with Life Burst adding 4 extra life with every other one you have in the graveyard and Rest for the Weary healing for 8 (8 damage to opponent) if you've played a land.

3: Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond combo for a win if you do any damage to them.

4: Killing Wave to get rid of creatures and Vampiric Link to put on enemy creatures so they heal you.

5: Chalice of Life  Flip/Chalice of Deathto heal you for 1 or make opponent lose 5 life if you have 30 or more life.(very easy to do that with the healing cards in this deck)

Thats basically it. Tell me what ya think


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+2 Exquisite Blood main
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+4 Tainted Remedy main
+3 Vampiric Link main
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