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Grand Illusion

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The Modern version of this deck can be found here: Modern Illusion of Grandeur

This is the highest rated deck on Tapped Out by 93 votes as of 10/09/12. This was used for standard until Scars of Mirrodin rotated. I sincerely thank everyone who has voted for it and also thank everyone who has provided input and drawn inspiration from this deck. I won't claim to be the "first" illusion deck out there, but this sure as hell is one of the best. Big thanks to everyone, I probably don't deserve it. Huzzah!

Grand Architect Illusion deck.

This deck is actually surprisingly fast and fun. Grand Architect and Lord of the Unreal giving everyone a boost just makes them that much harder to deal with and nothing like Phantasmal Image copying a Wurmcoil Engine, which I snuck out turn 3 thanks to my Architect. Copying a Lord also makes my illusions immune to everything but a board wipe. Even if that happens, Wurmcoil Engine will just split into more wurms.

Ponder for drawing that special card and Phyrexian Metamorph to basically give me 5-7 of any creature for 3 mana.

T1: Island, Phantasmal Bear
T2: Island, Lord of the Unreal
T3: Island, Grand Architect, tap him and blue creatures, Wurmcoil Engine
T4: Island, Phantasmal Image my Wurmcoil Engine, lols ensue.

Comment and +1 if you like!

This deck has been retired. Keep an eye open for my Modern take on this deck in the coming time period. I'll get around to doing it eventually, I promise!


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