Control deck flavor of the week in current Standard. Decided to give the Esper control deck a chance. Dragons seemed like the best way to go with this deck and no, I don't have Jaces so I'm trying something different. There is a wide variety of spells in the deck that have all seemed to fit in so far through a handful of play tests. The Orator of Ojutai and Seeker of the Way are solid early game cards that protect your board state and prolong the game to get your deck rolling. Crucible of the Spirit Dragon came in clutch at one point too rolling itself up to 6 and casting an Ojutai, Soul of Winter for 2 tapped mana. All in all, it works.

After a recent (11/20) poor performance at FNM (Lost two long, 3 game matches), I decided to try something a little different so I snuck a Smoldering Marsh into the Sideboard to allow for the 3 Crackling Doom that I put in with it. It will be easy enough to fetch the land so I can fire off the Dooms. More to come...


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